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LeeAnn Purvis
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Hello everyone, my name is LeeAnn Purvis. I am 15 years old and from Callahan Florida.

I love Country and Gospel music and have been taking vocal lessons since the age of 5.

My dream is to write my own songs one day and pursue my music career in Nashville.

My first music video called “Country Girl” came out in 2015 on YouTube. Check it out! I love it! My second music video called “Like My Mother Does” was dedicated to my Mom for Mother’s Day in 2016. My third music video to a song called “Miracles” came out in 2018. Best of all, my special needs friends were able to star in it too. In 2019 my fourth video "I'm Young" was released.  My fifth video, also in 2019 was called "It happened to Me", which was a lyric video. My sixth video was a cover of "Anyway" in 2020. The seventh video, in 2020 was called "All I Can Say" (The Ahh Song). You can find all seven video's on YouTube. The eigth video, also in 2020 was called "American Dreamin'".


I had the awesome privilege to publish my very first Gospel CD called “Get Inspired”, CD with 8 songs sure to inspire.

My first single is called "I'm Young", second single is called "It Happened To Me". The last single is called "All I Can say" (The Ahh Song).  I'm happy to announce all three singles are out on Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify.

I’m very excited to announce, my album called "Dream It Anyway", is OUT NOW!!

Special thanks to everyone who has made this possible for me because I wouldn’t be able to have all these amazing opportunities without you! I’m so forever grateful!

Love and God Bless,​

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